My name is Mavis Manns..I am from Ghana West-Africa. I am Married to an amazing and very unique man who has taught me a lot about how to co-exist. We have been married for 16yrs and we have 5 kids together.

I have a lot I would like to share with you….like Travelling with kids and homeschooling them on the go….how to keep the spark  in your relationships…how to stay positive and see the beauty in all things.

Most  friends who know me knows that I have, and still live by this 3  listed lifestyle principles. For the past 16yrs I have been mastering this life style and principles that all like minded people live for.

My site is to create a place that I can share just how  16yrs of marriage went from not sure to I am game with this life.

As I start this journey of being  on the road with my husband and kids travelling the globe and exploring the world,  I am  able to share my secrets when it comes to  travelling with kids and homeschooling them with less stress. And I hope to inspire anyone reading this page.

With Love and Gratitude

Mavis Manns


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