Travelling and Homeschooling>>>

I needed all the homeschooling help and tips I could get, to be honest as I really was not quite unsure by the idea of teaching our children while consistently travelling . But I couldn’t find anything from ‘real’ people who were actually doing it and I really find it tough taking advice from people who have never done it before. So while we sat at our dinning table in Ghana dotting the “i’s” and crossing the “t’s” I had to decide if I was willing to let go of my fears and just do it. if you are feeling like I was feeling then check out my E-book

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Our children were ages 13yrs, 12yrs, 10yrs and 5yrs when we set off our 5 years “global vagabonding” world tour. With the help of our kids in making and committing to this decision we decided to take the journey and let the fun begin…

When we arrived in Cape Town I went on and set up locations in the apartment for school work. We used laptops and bedrooms as different grade learning centers. The apartment we booked was super small. 2 bedroom 1 bathroom so you can imagine from a 5 bedroom home to a 2 bedroom was not that exciting.

We did not do school everyday we spent a lot of time out exploring and writing book reports and learning history of South Africa. Which I think was way more exciting than sitting home and flipping through books that someone else tells us the story.

Now in the evenings we did our curriculum which we paid for to be able to keep up with kids transcripts. During the day we spent it on soft life skills that no books or school can offer my kids.

We learned different languages and met different people who become teachers of history and math and science. We research and went to every science museum and festivals and activities we could find for our kids. Math was done in the grocery store each day as we learn to figure out what we are buying and how much we need to buy.

communication is taught through meeting people and making new friends from different cultures.

Homeschooling on the road can be stressful but with every stress there is the side of fun and we made sure we got that in our daily life. you can homeschool while on the road just decide and know that you have a whole year to complete a grade and when travelling you can imagine what you can do in a year in another country.

Enjoy the art of homeschooling while on the road because you can.



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