Applying for you and your kids Visa Steps

When Travelling with your kids, one of the most stressful part of the travel will probably not be packing their homeschool books, but it’s applying for their visa for that county if a visa is needed.

When kids are younger than 18 yrs applying for a visa can be a bit hectic. But some of the many steps I take in other to prevent this strees are :

  1. Create a folder that you can have all your documents  notarized birth certificated, marriage certificate, your birth certificate, your spouse birth certificat.
  2. Notarized bank statement or get it from your bank  for at least 6 months till date ( which can all be done at the court-house)
  3. Ticket itinerary ( I don’t advice you confirm your tickets until you have applied and have been approved of your travel visa). Since the process of applying for a visa for your kids is different from for an adult.
  4. Make sure if you and your husband is available to visit the embassy, then I suggest you do so, since it eases the process time and makes it easier when they review your visa forms.
  5. Now here is the tricky part.  Booking your place of stay. we usually use Airbnb ( if you decide to use a hotel ) just be mindful to check the cancellation policy.With airbnb which is what we have used the past 2 yrs. I usually just book the place for 1 month and I make sure to read their cancellation policy and if it’s not easy to cancel I ask the host and let them know am now applying for our visa.
  6. If your visa application can be done online then just make sure to send all notarized documents to the embassy and also make sure to apply for your visa at least 1 to 2 months before your trip, to make sure you don’t have any issues with the embassy since it’s an online application.
  7. Remember that after your visa is granted for most countries you will have 60 to 90 days to enter the country or the visa will expire. So make sure to read the fine line on your visa page when you receive your visa from the embassy.
  8. When applying for Visa I advice that you apply for multiple entry visa if that is an option. since you may decide to revisit the country again during that year.

Get set…apply for your visa and start Exploring the world with your kids…


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