Some Unexpected benefits of Homeschooling

You can sleep late, because there is no reason to wake up early- You create your own schedule for the day, so you don’t have to anything unless you want to.  And if you decide to have family movie night or a date night and don’t get in early to sleep but it’s a Monday night, it’s not a problem because the kids don’t have to be in bed at 7pm.

You become a cyber mom  from surfing all of the homeschool mommy blogs for hours each day-  You will  learn just like all the young generation,  cool kids and no one will know your  glow and smiles  doesn’t come from chatting and liking pages on your Facebook account and other social media pages

You can teach your  kids to make omelet and grilled sandwiches ( which is what I have trained my kids to do)  and call it Home economics-  And now you have yourself a private chef.. LOL!!

You will know more about the history than anyone else you will ever meet. Shock  your guest  at dinner outings with your knowledge of where the lyrics to the Star Spangled Banner came from as well as the Pledge, and then look really smart as you start to talk about different cultures in Africa. with our travels for the past years this is what we see.

You get to go to the amusement park and the grocery store when there are no lines. And hanging out at the children’s museum all morning drinking your green tea while you explore with your kids. Totally counts as school. Now your kids are not just reading History but they are living it too.

Your kids have the rest of their day to take on a new hobby like Martial Arts. all my 3 older girls have black belt in shotokan Karate. They got their black belt at the age of 8yrs, 9yrs and 10yrs. my 2nd daughter who was then 8yrs old was the youngest black belt in Africa and tied in the world with another kid in the UK.



my kids when they where younger..from left to right – Aasha 8yrs old youngest black belt in Africa and the world at her age. Destiny 9yrs old our oldest also had her black belt on the same day and IMAHKUS 6yrs old our 3rd daughter…posing with their trophies they worn in a martial arts competition

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