Freedom is KEY

 I have come to realize that many relationships and marriages often fail because of how two people communicate on their path to what they call happiness.

Most  relationships either grows into love, respect, laughter and bliss or it grows into suspicion, doubt, resentment  and eventually leading to a break up or divorce.

Improving our relationship is an ongoing adventure, because a sexy, exciting relationship takes playfulness, creativity, commitment and an open heart. In my relationship we have our tickle moments where my husband will be chasing after me in the kitchen just tickling me till I can’t stop laughing. Now when he travels I do miss those moments.

As a wise man once said you will never reach your full potential if you don’t open your heart and allow yourself to fully enjoy life and also to allow others to help you experience Bliss.


Being in a relationship requires a time for you to be alone and just BE. It’s a great feeling when you can maintain your freedom and independence while also remaining deeply connected to your partner. I know…society has trained us to think that freedom means being able to have multiple partners, which really it should be that way if that is what you identify as freedom in your life,and your partner has the right to decide if that is the type of freedom they are willing to explore with you on this journey. My husband is a true example of what a man who desires freedom really do…he travels and do all that he wishes. And I also get my freedom to be whomever I want to be with no judgement. And when we are together you will really think we just met…Because we allow time in our relationship to give each other FREEDOM.

A relationship rooted in fear-based emotions such as jealousy, anger, insecurity, anxiety and ownership can only create doubt, suspicion, and neediness. So be very mindful of your thoughts since they can create feelings which will then create the listed above mambo Jumbo feeling.

Cultivating a healthy relationship is an ongoing adventure  and requires communication and daily growth for both parties. finding ways to allow each partner to have a taste of freedom will surely prolong your relationship and you will always look forward to each other. And remember playfulness, creativity, and commitment are all some ways to create a healthy relationship.


keep your relationship exciting…..the fun really begins once you learn to co-exist with each other.

I will be back to share more with you… or just send me an email and book one of my one on one times with me.

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