My valentines day Present….

In my opinion for any great relationship if it being your spouse, kids, friends or family..there is a few gift you can give that will help take your relationship to a whole new level.

So my husband and I have always made it a point to attend a self development seminar at least once a year. And am sure most people will ask why would you want that instead of roses and other material presents that anyone could give you.

C0-existing is a daily growing work and going to self development seminars is not just for anyone but its for you…yes YOU…

My husband and I have been married for 16yrs and I must say I have had such amazing moments in our relationship more than I have had challenges. which you must know for every great experience there is an ounce of challenges and they are not necessarily negative… they are challenges that help you grow from good to great. like one of our coach said  Brendan Burchard “honor the struggle”

So I think if your goal is to help and create special moments in your relationship then make it a point to go to a self development seminar for both of you.

This year we decide to take a 4 days all day seminar by Brendan Burchard and I must say it was an experience that will take out marriage from 16yrs of greatness to another 16yrs of Bliss. And its because we made the choice and commitment to do this for our marriage and am telling it works. so give the gift of self developmental programs. And it can be a self developmental audio program.

I remember the first few books Marcus got me as a gift was “the unstoppable You” and “Men are from Mars, women are from Venus”. and this 2 books created a path and set me on a journey that will have to and must create success and bliss in my life. and when challenges comes on my way I accept it and move on.

So I hope that my words here will inspire you to have a blissful relationship…

Here is a picture of Marcus and I in California allowing our lives to be changed.

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling


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