Don’t Hide… Be You

Most people have two sides of themselves. The self that they show to their love ones and the self for their friends. I have come to realize that if you truly believe in the you that you are being then why be ashamed to show it to everyone around you.

Being you and showing it means that you are sure of who you are and you are not afraid to show it to the world.

When you have different lives and faces it only shows that you are weak and you are not sure of who you are being, this will only create issues for you in the future. Since you cannot be someone else for a long period of time.

When you arrive in your relationship come with your cup full…arrive with a full cup of yourself. This does not mean that you are selfish…this only means you are self-full and ready to share what you truly have.

Always trust yourself to make the right decisions in your life. trust your self that you will listen to that voice inside that helps you go through life and explore this universe.

When people disappoint you or abandon…you dont need to say “I don’t trust them anymore” you will be ok because you trust yourself and who you are being.

People only respect up to the boundaires you set. So decide upfront and set boundaires and keep those boundaires, don’t allow another person decide how high or low or far you boundaires should be set.

It’s like having a house…you are the only person who can allow anyone into your space or house. thats how boundaires  of a life style are set so make sure to set them the way your want. And they can change in the future but it must be done by you not by the other person who thinks thats what it should be.

When you hold secrets of your life from the love ones around you it only means that you are guilty or who you are being and have been. trust that who you have been or are being is by your choice. The moment you start to feel the need to tell a lie about your being you have already gotten your answer….its not the real you.

Love people around you and respect them enough to tell them the real you. The first instance it might feel awful and probably hurt but trust me it probably the best thing you could ever do for yourself and the people you share your space with. And once you tell who you are being if they stay in your space then they understand and are ok, but if they decide that, it’s not the space they want to be in then it’s alright to allow them exit your space. this is very deep but very simple life and universal principle.

partnership in any aspect is truly beautiful and must be cherished to the fullest. So I hope you get to enjoy this moments that you have decided to be you.


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so Break free and BE YOU and show the world who you are BEING….The people around you deserves the real YOU.


I hope this truly helps



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