Message sent….but no reply

Those can be very frustrating when you send a message to your spouse and for some reason that you have no awareness of did not get a reply…but you get reply for other messages from him or her that does not answer you question. Yeap….I have those moments. And as I sit around I try to think it through and say how can I make sure that I don’t have expectation when I send a message to my partner. well that is not possible.

Communication is two way experience and when it becomes a one way moments then one partner will feel neglected. so I say learn to answer questions or comment of statements to help the other partner feel that you are listening even when you are not around each other. address issues before they blow up…when things crack up dont wait for them to completely break. fix them.

As a woman I am very aware of what could possibly generate emotions that dont need to be generated. So before it all blows up I make the effort to communicate how I feel and how my partner can help me.

so whats my lesson in all this experience?  send a message and when you don’t get a response….call then person….and wait for them to respond and dont assume. And allow for explanation to help understand their reason for not replying to your message.

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communication is Key to all great relationship…..



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