why Do women cheat??????

Do women actually cheat in any relationship? Either friendship, family, business or romance?

First things first,  If you’re female and reading this wondering why I’m only writing about women who cheat, know that i am a woman and I have nothing against us as women. I am only trying to let you the label cheat is not what I feel it is, I feel like society have created a negative vibe with this word.

Let’s first define the word cheat=  {“To act dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain an advantage over someone).

well by the above definition it means we all cheat someway or another at some point in our life….like when the call comes in and you ignore even when you can pick it and answer the person….how about when you run a race and you learn how your opponent run race so you can win….oh..wait how about the time when you compete with someone. so you we all do….but we are mostly focused on just the romance and makes a huge deal out of this word and the action behind it.

So now since romance is our highest priority when it comes to cheating let talk about why women cheat….

1. The definition speaks to the most basic element of what happens when we cheat on our partners. We betray their trust. In such cases, even more than our sex-extra activity, it is the lying and the secrecy of betrayal that wounds anyone especially our love ones.

2. The definition helps the cheater understand that the problem  she created occurred the moment she started lying to accommodate or cover up  her infidelity. The harm is not the other person  finding out the bad news — the harm is that it was covered up by someone you trust.

3. They feel under-appreciated, neglected, or ignored.  Women will feel more like a housekeeper, nanny, or financial provider than a wife or girlfriend. So they seek an external situation that validates them for who they are, rather than the services they provide in a relationship.

4. We crave intimacy.  Women tend to feel valued and connected to a significant other more through non-sexual, emotional interplay (talking, having fun together, being thoughtful, building a home and social life together,  than sexual activity. When we do not feel that type of connection from our primary partner, we tend to seek it elsewhere.

5. We are lonely. Women can experience loneliness in a relationship for any number of reasons. Maybe their spouse works long hours or travels for business on a regular basis, or maybe their spouse is emotionally unavailable. Whatever the cause, they feel lonely, and they seek connection through infidelity to fill the void.

6. Women expect too much from a primary relationship. Some women have unreasonable expectations about what their primary partner and relationship should provide. They expect their significant other to meet their everyday need 24/7, 365 days a year, and when that doesn’t happen, they seek to find that  elsewhere.

7. We are not having enough satisfying sex at home. There is a societal misconception that only men enjoy sex. oh thats so wrong. Lots women also enjoy sex, and if they’re not getting it at home, or it’s not enjoyable to them, for whatever reason, they may as well seek it elsewhere just like it is allowed by men.

The notion that only  men are ok to cheat is so wrong as we are all humans with the same blood flowing through our veins. In my opinion we all know the consequences of how our actions can hurt a love one and we choose to still do what we do.

So go on and be ready to give your reason for such act. I think if and when you don’t get the above listed things you should communicate with your partner and give them the reason that might be for your future actions.


Good luck and rock on women…..



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