For the Past 2 years (3 more years to complete our 5yrs global tour) My husband and I have been on the road with 4 of our 5 kids. I started this website because of the questions we get from the people we meet while on this journey. And in doing so I am hoping to inspire and educate other families to start showing their kids what the world has to offer…The world of possibilities is endless.

Am sure you are wondering what makes me so different from anyone travelling the world right now…Well thats easy.

I am travelling with 4 young kids…

I am homeschooling my kids while on the road and have been homeschooling them for the past 9 years.

I am a Ghanaian travelling to different countries with my Ghana passport and in I have to apply for visas for each country which in itself is a challenge but has brought me some awareness that I feel like I must share with the world.

Also most of these countries we don’t know anyone or have any idea the location or area. We just show up!!!…Yes thats right we just show up!!!!…

Here are a list of the countries that we have been and will be able to share my experiences from homeschooling, to rental apartments, to visas, to transportation, to flights…

Ghana, Capetown, Joburg Kenya,Mombasa, Thailand, Manila, Palawan, Malaysia kuala Lumpur, Brazil, Bahia Salvador, Argentina, Peru, Cusco, Colombia and more for the next 3 years.

Talk to me I will be more than Happy to share my experiences with you…to help you make  better decisions  when travelling with kids and  homeschooling them while on the road and also  how to co-exist in your relationships…

Visit my consultation page to book your time with me..

With love and Gratitude

Mavis Manns